Since Frank was founded, we’ve always believed the best campaigns are those that have that special ingredient – the ones which kickstart word-of-mouth, or what we call Talkability®.

Our whole approach is geared to coming up with ideas that create a reaction and get people talking, Tweeting, and sharing. Talkability® is at the heart of what we’re about. And we liked it so much, it’s been a registered trademark of Frank since the day we started. Which explains that little ®.

So, here’s a round up of the campaigns that got people (including us) talking this week…

The Week Storm Emma Hit

Samsung Emoji
Animoji Who? Say Hello To Your Very Own Emoji

Remember when Apple launched Animojis? Cute, right? Well as part of the longstanding feud between Samsung and Apple, Samsung has hit right back with a better and more personalised approach; introducing AR Emojis.

The incredible 12MP camera in the Samsung S9 gives users the ability to create an emoji of their own face, which is essentially an animated version of themselves that can be used to create stickers or videos.

Launched at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona last week, Samsung’s new flagship phone boasts incredible cameras and Dolby Atmos surround sound. The S9 will be available to purchase from 16th March and it’s already on our lust list.

Cambridge Fake News App
Can You Spot Fake News?

In a world where we get our news online, keeping track of what is real and what isn’t can be quite tricky. Satire news sites and unreliable Twitter posts often add fuel to the fire and have a huge impact on the beliefs of the general public.

Cambridge researchers are looking to combat this and help to educate people on whatconstitutes as “fake news”. The university has launched an app aptly dubbed “Bad News“, which encourages players to become a disinformation and fake news tycoon, building up their profiles by seeding out false statements.

The idea behind the game is that by curating their own fake news, players will be more equipped to identify untruths when they emerge online. Clever.

Asda Avocados
For The Love Of Avocados…
Millennials’ love for avocados knows no bounds, and recently a new trend has emerged where people are using the popular vegetable to propose!

Asda has been quick to take advantage of this trend by labelling their most beautiful and delightfully ripe Avocados with a “perfect for proposal” sticker. The fruits chosen have been declared ripe for proposal due to Asda’s version of the “four Cs” – colour, complexion, cut and creaminess.

If you ask us, we absolutely avoca-do not love this trend!

Jenna Fifi
Jenna Fifi
30,000 Instagram followers, nearly 2,000 posts and a deliciously indulgent feed, Jenna looks to live the life of luxury. Her feed is an amalgamation of beauty, fashion and lifestyle visuals thatare beautifully shot, and she has a handful of collabs under her belt with the likes of Volvo, Charlotte Tilbury and Dermalogica.

Mixed up with beauty products and delicious cakes, Jenna posts gorgeous snaps of pretty doors and quaint London spots, inspiring her followers to live their best life. Check out her feed for a pinch of positivity and mountains of motivation.