Since Frank was founded, we’ve always believed the best campaigns are those that have that special ingredient – the ones which kickstart word-of-mouth, or what we call Talkability®.

Our whole approach is geared to coming up with ideas that create a reaction and get people talking, Tweeting, and sharing. Talkability® is at the heart of what we’re about. And we liked it so much, it’s been a registered trademark of Frank since the day we started. Which explains that little ®.

So, here’s a round up of the campaigns that got people (including us) talking this week…

The Week Facebook Got In Trouble

Taking futuristic experiences to a whole new level, fashion giant Zara has announced plans to launch an augmented reality experience in some of its stores.

Through its app, from 18th April, 120 flagship stores worldwide will host holographic models who will wander around stores in the latest fashions. Customers will then have the opportunity to select and buy the clothes that the high-tech models are wearing.

For additional spice, consumers will also have the chance to hover over a package ordered online with their smartphones to see the visuals inside.

Forever ahead of the game, Zara is clearly in 3018 while we’re all in 2018.


ŠKODA Launches Music Video With Paloma Faith

The team at Frank have been busy over the last few months, working with ŠKODA to launch itsDriver’s Seat Initiative, in collaboration with Paloma Faith and The Prince’s Trust and in celebration of the new KAROQ model.

This week, as part of the tie-up, we announced the release of the music video and soundtrack for the ŠKODA’s brand-new ad – and we can officially confirm that it’s been dubbed “branded content that’s better than your branded content.”

ŠKODA’s Driver’s Seat Initiative, supported by Paloma the Prince’s Trust, is designed to empower the nation and, to support the initiative, Paloma has recorded her own version of the hit song ‘Make Your Own Kind of Music’ with ŠKODA to inspire the nation.

The newly-released music video includes flashback imagery depicting her struggles to fit in ‘the norm’ as a young child and break into the music industry.

ŠKODA chose this song as it mirrors its message of self-confident individuality, much like Paloma Faith who is Driven By Something Different. Find out more about the Driver’s Seat Initiative here.

Microsoft Gaming Netflix
‘Netflix’ For Gaming Announced By Microsoft

‘Gaming and chill?’ This term will be taken to a whole new level with a new gaming platform announced by Microsoft.

With this new platform, gamers will be able to stream any game, at anytime with a huge range of genres to choose from.

If you’re feeling déjà vu then that’s because this system is fairly similar to Sony’s ‘PlayStation Now’ subscription. But as they say, no one cares who did it first. They care who did it better. The gloves are off, Sony…

Krispy kreme easter

No, this is not a drill. Krispy Kreme is dropping a brand new flavoured doughnut. What is this flavour you ask? Only the best flavour ever created by mankind: Reese’s Peanut Butter.

Not only has Krispy Kreme decided to announce the best flavour ever created – but, in honour of Easter, it will be in the shape of an egg.

However, to pick up one of these tasty creations you’ll need to act fast. Sadly, limited stocks are out now until April 1st. Who needs an Easter Egg when you could get an Easter doughnut instead?

Definitely the hottest topic of the week and, if you haven’t heard about it, you’ve most definitely been living under a rock.

We won’t do a lengthy explanation, but in short… following a data breach, leaving millions of users exposed, advertisers have warned Facebook that, if the platform fails to provide security for users’ data, they will move elsewhere. Mark Zuckerburg is in hot water after this scandal and subsequently released an ‘I’m really sorry’ apology. Click the link above for more details.

With #DeleteFacebook instantly trending on Twitter, is this the time to buy Twitter stock?

It’s hard to believe, but it is officially spring – which means summer is on the horizon (hooray!). With this in mind, our summer influencer this is week is Steffy, a London based blogger, yoga teacher and health expert.

As well as being an avid global traveller, Steffy gives great tips on meditation, yoga and health as well as an aesthetically pleasing feed of green juices, crystals and the craziest yoga poses.

If you need any #SummerYoga inspo she’s definitely the gal to follow and help bring more zen to your life. It’s time to get your Om on…