Since Frank was founded, we’ve always believed the best campaigns are those that have that special ingredient – the ones which kickstart word-of-mouth, or what we call Talkability®.

Our whole approach is geared to coming up with ideas that create a reaction and get people talking, Tweeting, and sharing. Talkability® is at the heart of what we’re about. And we liked it so much, it’s been a registered trademark of Frank since the day we started. Which explains that little ®.

So, here’s a round up of the campaigns that got people (including us) talking this week…

The Week We Lost Our Brightest Star

Burger King
Good Samaritans Get Whoppers
Kindness goes a long way – and can even get you a free meal, thanks to Burger King. Wednesday was Good Samaritan Day and, rather than spending time whipping up a social media post, Burger King went the extra mile with a flaming good stunt.The fast-food brand staged a car fire on the side of a highway, grabbing the attention of passers-by. Of course, it wasn’t a real fire – but a flaming bonnet grill, and the good samaritans who stopped to help were treated to a Whopper, and even met the King himself.

The film, by David Miami, was shot on a stretch of road in California and is a natural expression of the brand and its current positioning. Burger King is really investing in content-driving stunts at the moment, and recent examples include “Bullying Jr.” and “Whopper Neutrality”.

Snapchat AR
Snapchat’s recent redesign has frustrated many (including Kylie Jenner!) but one of the intentions was to promote creators and give artists more love. Starting late March, Snapchat will feature creator-made lenses in the app’s main screen – only a couple of swipes away from the infamous dancing hot dog and the puppy face. This placement means potential exposure to Snapchat’s 187 million active users, and even more if users decide to share it off the app.

For years, Snapchat has kept influencers and artists at bay but, with the rise of Instagram stories as an alternative for creators, Snapchat is really pushing to promote its community. The Snapchat Lens Studio is available for anyone to use and allows creators to build augmented reality experiences without building their own mobile app.

It’s a great way for artists to get exposure, as the app will display the creator’s name giving them full credit. Will this update get its most passionate users back?

Aubergine Emoji
Hold on to your smartphones: is adding official definitions of the emoji symbols.

Not only that, the dictionary has added meme definitions, including “Bye Felicia.” For those who are wondering, “Bye Felicia is a dismissive term which can be used in a number of different contexts. Most simply and frequently, it is used as a cold way to bid someone farewell”

Lauren Sliter, head of content strategy for the site, has said “As a dictionary, it’s our job to have reference content for the terms or communication tools that people have questions about and people have questions about what the eggplant emoji means.”

Game Boy iPhone Case

Breaking news: a new case allows you to use your iPhone as a Game Boy – be still our beating hearts.

With a lightweight case compatible with iPhones 6 through X, this ‘Games Console’ doesn’t disrupt you from enjoying the full iPhone experience as, when snapped on, it keeps away from your device’s buttons, camera lens, speaker and ports.

The case comes with 10 classic games, from Snake to Tetris. No need to download any separate apps, just put on your Wanle’s ‘Games Console for iPhone’ case and enjoy the retro toy with an LCD screen and power supply. Starting at just US $24.95, you can go back to when times were simpler and better indeed with ease.

Waving App

Are you bored of judging potential dates based on their looks? Or vice versa? Then Waving is the new dating app for you. It’s a new way to find your match – instead of showing your carefully chosen, edited photos to potential partners, Waving lets you listen to their voice.

Firstly, you set your preferences for gender and age range, then listen to your potential date’s voice before swiping left or right (actions that have somewhat become part of our human instinct).

Waving works by customising your profile with recordings of yourself speaking about who you are and what you like, you can say whatever you want. It frames the human voice as a source of attraction, instead of being influenced by a misleading image – no need to be a catfish!


Sarah and Philippa from We Are Twinset are fashion stylists that work in London but, more importantly, they are best friends. The pair both work in a fast-paced industry but still have time to post some fashion inspo on their blog and Instagram.

With almost 80,000 followers – the pair’s Instagram feed is full of matching outfits and accessories. Could they be more #bestiegoals? From high-street to designer items, you’ll end up wanting everything they wear.