Since Frank was founded, we’ve always believed the best campaigns are those that have that special ingredient – the ones which kickstart word-of-mouth, or what we call Talkability®.

Our whole approach is geared to coming up with ideas that create a reaction and get people talking, Tweeting, and sharing. Talkability® is at the heart of what we’re about. And we liked it so much, it’s been a registered trademark of Frank since the day we started. Which explains that little ®.

So, here’s a round up of the campaigns that got people (including us) talking this week…

The Week The Invites Went Out


The Facebook scandal continues to heat up week by week. For those who don’t know, there are alleged reports that the data company, Cambridge Analytical, has been harvesting data from Facebook users through an app named This Is Your Digital Life and it may have affected 87 million of Facebook potential users.

Why this sucks: this company got a hold of all of your Facebook activities, from your likes, to your friends, to your posts – and created an algorithm to test your five core personality traits. Not cool guys.

You think this can’t get any worse? Hold Facebook’s drink. This data company was employed by President Trump’s campaign in the 2016 election. Pretty suspicious…

In other news, billionaire Zuckerberg needed a booster seat at his Congress hearing. Some brands thought this was pretty funny, check out Clas Ohlson‘s response.


Speaking of scaandals, this week saw another internet superbrand caught out.

The video sharing site, YouTube, had a blunder when it was revealed it had been breaking child protection laws by tracking usage of children aged under 13, and using it to inform the advertising targeted at them.

Several groups have leveraged serious legal action against YouTube, which argues the website isn’t designed for children despite the wealth of kid-friendly content it produces.

While competitors such as Netflix and Amazon Prime remain ad-free and on the rise, YouTube’s going to need to act fast if it wants to keep its audience happy.

Just when you thought you couldn’t love Drake anymore, he pulls it out the bag again. Hopping onto the #MeToo movement, Drake released his new song, Nice For What, this week accompanied by a music video which supports features some of the strongest and most powerful women in entertainment right now.

Sampling Lauryn Hill’s ‘Ex-Factor’ and vocals from Big Freedia, the video features a large number of powerful, Hollywood women – including Olivia Wilde, Michelle Rodriquez, Issa Rae, Rashida Jones, Tracee Ellis Ross and Emma Roberts. The man himself is only in the video a handful of times.

The video has racked up an impressive 15 million views just four days after its release. This follows Drizzy’s phenomenon video for God’s Plan which has had an astonishing 363 million YouTube views.

WIth messages of female empowerment and giving to others, it’s a wonder why Drake hasn’t run for Prime Minister yet (although, Trudeau – we do love you). With an album to drop soon, all eyes are on Drake. We can’t wait to see which issue he tackles next.

The video that has everyone talking this week is Hostelworld’s new campaign featuring that is the one and only diva queen, Mariah Carey.

The video features Mariah, a hostel, an A-List performance in a bar and a very fabulous dove. It begins with Mariah turning up to the hostel with a classic Diva reaction before finding out that she can have a private room to herself. It ends with a ‘Coyote Ugly’ style performance from Mariah, then a dove flies into her face. Priceless.

Hostelworld have had a huge amount of coverage from this campaign and stated in PR Weekthat ‘hostels have been changing over the years and they give you everything a hotel could at an affordable price.

Well, they have us convinced. Where’s my luggage? (Louis Vuitton of course. Mariah would be proud).

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